தமிழ்த் தேசியம்

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."

- Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 


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Journey Down Memory Lane To Reach 'tamiz Izam'

Chapter 42

"To cry or to laugh that is my position today." To laugh is to advocate killing. Wanton destruction of life is madness. Euthanasia may be useful under unusual circumstances, but mass murder for establishing control or dominance is unacceptable.

In the Central Bank blast in Sri Lanka as reported, though not officially known, it will be accredited to the freedom fighters. This is not a matter for euphoria, it is the time for all and sundry to pause and examine the situation in Sri Lanka and ‘tamiz Izam.’

The Sinhalas who in their ardor for supremacy, waved flags when Sinhala Lion Flag was hoisted in deserted Jaffna, have to realize that a ‘volcano’ cannot be predicted nor prevented from erupting. The yearning of full blooded ‘tamizan’ for self determination is not new. There have been minor eruptions in the past within ‘tamiz’ lands. Chandrika and that gun-totting uncle of her, Anurudda Ratwatte thought they have sealed the mouth of the volcano. What they have done is closed a small opening and lets the fury spread all over, in other words created an uncontrollable inner-pressure.

The international community, should share the blame for their indifference to ‘tamiz’ aspirations and attendant Armageddon, but support the ambitions for dominance and annihilation of ‘tamizar’ by the Sinhalas. If I was Veluppillai Pirabaharan, also a full blooded ‘tamizan,' I will stop at nothing till we ‘paryt tamizan’ get to ‘tamiz paryja (peca)’ in our own land. ( We lowly Tamils - as the Sinhalas affectionately call us? - get to talk our own Tamil in our own land.)

But neither the circle nor the international fora are the correct media for such destructive talks. We in the land with all its problems and profanities, but at the same time progressive and promising, should promote such ideas as that will prevail on the Sinhala people to slow down. The freedom fighters once they are recognized, I am confident they will be reasonable, if a non-biased third party such as the Quakers who do not offer suggestions nor solutions, but, make the connections, are given a chance by the Sinhala psychopaths.

It is quite simple to understand the psyche of the freedom fighters. But the Sinhala psyche escapes understanding. What earthly uses have they with ‘tamizar, under their thumb? Except to continue hoodwinking their own people that Buddha has said so. Do they realize that they will pay a heavier price for the glory of a supreme race? Chandrika and her Mahadanamuththas should give up. Let ‘tamizar’ alone, for them to sink or swim. If Chandrika and her damagers, not managers of war think otherwise, there is only one way open to ‘tamizar, and that is to go down taking as many Sinhalas as possible. Is it what Chandrika the Chandali wants? Does the international community like to watch an otherwise preventable persecution persist? The ‘tamiz’ Diaspora, it is our doubt in ourselves that make us lose the chance to win international support to win ‘tamiz Izam’ by fearing the attempt.

Yes to cry seem comfortable. I wish I could say here and right now, with a clear conscience, the freedom fighters are wrong in claiming their own land. They use such measures as are possible within their limited man power and material resources and the lack of ‘tamiz’ productive support from outside. I cannot say that. I cannot say that in all earnest. What am I doing about it? I am helping ‘tamiz’ Diaspora to dispel their doubt in the success rate for ‘tamiz Izam’ with international participation. Once the fear to any such attempt fades, the snowballing will be hard to control. So I am preparing to meet this mass movement and help steer with others to get the international community to act in sincerity.

From the  article "A Confluence of East and West" By A Ranganathan I (Chapter 41) I quote a paragraph:

"To him the word ‘nationalism’ denoted the cultural expression of a nation. When India had attained independence, his message was "Be Yourself." It placed the accent on aesthetic authenticity and not on the political content of freedom. "Nations" observed Coomaraswamy, "are created by poets and artists, not by merchants and politicians. In art lie the deepest life principles."

It should open our eyes to the statement made by Karikalan, that we are not politicians, but when the need arises we will turn politicians. Their primary objective is to liberate ‘tamiz Izam’ from the jaws of a power hungry "Lion" and have learnt the art of a powerful internationally acclaimed guerrilla force.

It was a fashionable necessity during my school days to sing most of Mahakavi Bharathy’s songs of national fervor. In this phase of our struggle for existence, one song stands out. The cultural wing of the freedom fighters has released a large number of videos, CDs and audio cassettes with beautiful, melodies, each song will bring tears to the eyes. I experienced this crying pleasure listening to some of those songs this morning. I had to cry for the almost impasse in we are. I had to cry for the lost lives. I had to cry for the suffering people. I had to cry for the indifference of the international community. I had to cry for the ignorance of ‘tamiz’ Diaspora, that has the key to the solution to the problem. I had to cry at my inconsequential crying. But I cried in comfort listening to those songs.

I maintain that the Liberation Tigers of Thamizh Eezham is a reality and necessity in Sri Lanka, but I do not believe in the need for an LTTE or its fronts here. We need Writers and not Tigers, a Liberation Writers for Thamizh Eezham, - LWTE. Bharathy gave me the moral courage with his song:

Let us not continue to be victims of prejudice and purblindness. Let us not subscribe willingly or unwillingly to Sinhala hegemony. Let us develop a new and dynamic approach to the problem of Sinhala ‘tamiz’ conflict. I know of a small group of an otherwise useful young men who do not want to come out openly to do the right thing. One of them does not even want to discuss anything from home. This small group is fixed on the idea that ‘getting along’ with one clan is more important than saving ‘tamizar.’ Their access to money, they say, is from attendance of this clan at social functions and expensive film shows where the profit is marginal as the film magnates and middlemen take the profit out of it.How to make them understand their folly? May be ‘tiruvaLLuvar’ can do something with his couplet:

Thought in flight:


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